Helical Pier Installation

Helical Pier Installation

Foundation Doctor installs helical pier systems throughout the Greater Metro Charlotte Area in North and South Carolina to address a variety of slab-related failures.

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Our staff is certified to install PierTech products and has worked with a variety of structural engineers to make sure all our installations are done to specifications.

Our Process

When contacting us to provide helical pier installation, you can count on our unsurpassed experience.

  • Preparing the footing: The first step is excavating the soil around your building to expose the locations for each pier. If they will be installed indoors or near a concrete sidewalk or driveway outside, we will remove a portion of your slab to accommodate them.
  • Installing the shafts: The helical piers are screwed into the soil until they reach a layer of sufficiently compacted earth. This helps ensure that the weight of your structure will be distributed into solid ground.
  • Attaching the brackets: After the piers are driven into the ground, steel brackets are installed to secure them to the foundation.
  • Securing the base: Once the brackets are installed and secure to the foundation, hydraulic lifting is utilized to ensure the footer is property supported and the sinking stops.

When Is Helical Pier Installation Used?

Foundations that are cracking or shifting may need the extra support provided by a helical pier system installed under the footing. These systems offer permanent stability for areas that are shifting due to expansive soils or poor workmanship during the construction of the original foundation. These installations are warrantied for the life of the structure and are a very cost-effective remedy for certain problems.

What Are Helical Piers?

Also known as anchors, piles or screw piles, helical piers work by transferring the structure’s weight to load-bearing soil. Whether they feature round or square shafts, steel piers are threaded into the ground to stabilize the foundations of residential, commercial and industrial structures. Among their many features, helical piers:

  • Are easy to install
  • Eliminate extensive excavation work
  • Require minimal soil disturbance

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