Crawl Space Repair and Cleanout in the Charlotte Area

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"We could not have been more pleased with our Foundation Doctor experience. We had foundation issues stemming from poor drainage, and met with three foundation / crawl space providers. From the start, Foundation Doctor put our minds at ease. They educated us on all the potential options, and helped us to make the decision that was right for us. While on site, Hitz and Fox kept us in the loop throughout the repairs, sending us updates throughout the week. They have even followed up to make sure that we know how to use our new smart sump pump. I also love the fact that these folks are local and not a huge national company. They stand by their work! We are confident that Foundation Doctor will help our family's home stay safe for many years to come."

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Keeping your crawl space clean is an easy way to maintain optimal air quality and energy efficiency inside your home. Foundation Doctor makes the tedious task of cleaning out your crawl space easy and efficient.

No crawl space is too large or too small for Foundation Doctor! In fact, our skilled crewmembers have experience in some of the smallest crawlspaces in North Carolina. We can be your trusted partner for crawl space repair in Charlotte, NC.

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Why Do We Perform Crawl Space Cleanout and Maintenance?

Most crawl spaces contain organic matter, such as wood, paper and construction debris, that has accumulated over the years for a variety of reasons. Any organic material in your crawl space can attract termites, bugs, spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlers. Plus, moisture or water in the presence of this organic material can cause mildew and mold in some cases — a problem you surely want to avoid.

When Should You Call Foundation Doctor for Crawl Space Services?

We recommend that your crawl space be cleaned out when:

  • You notice unpleasant smells
  • You see evidence of pests and vermin
  • Your area has been hit with torrential rains and you need to check for leaks
  • Your furnace seems to be working harder, and you want to check the condition of your insulation

Even if you don’t notice these issues, it’s a good idea to have a crawl space inspection and cleaning every spring or every winter to prevent problems.

What We Can Do for You

When you contact us to clean out your crawl space, you’ll receive expert service from our trained professionals. Once our crews arrive at your house, they will:

  • Clean out the crawl space. We will completely remove any rotting wood, animal droppings, mold, debris, old insulation or anything else that may be compromising the air quality inside your home.
  • Sanitize the area. Simply scrubbing mold and mildew isn’t enough. Those contaminates can remain lurking beneath the surface, waiting for their next opportunity to grow and cause problems for you. That’s why our crawl space cleaning service includes full sanitization. Our crawl space mold removal ensures that those fungi and mold are killed completely and won’t be back again.
  • Deodorize your air. Even after a crawl space is cleaned, the unpleasant smells can linger. Our comprehensive crawl space remediation includes deodorizing the air in that area, so you can rest assured that all traces of your property’s problems would be wiped clean.

Time to get your crawl space cleaned? Schedule your free consultation today!

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