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"Adam, Josh, and Anthony were great to work with. They took on my challenging foundation nearly tripling the piers, supporting 8 overspanned joists, sealing and lining the crawlspace, and added a new crawlspace entry. THe crew was professional and had great communication. I highly recommend foundation doctor."

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Foundation Framing and Repair

Foundation Doctor is the best source for foundation framing and repair in Charlotte, NC. We address sagging floor joists, humps, crumbling masonry piers and more. In fact, we can diagnose and cure all the structural issues that may be present in your home, including foundation failure. We install girder beams, band sills and floor joists on foundations throughout North & South Carolina.

Framing issues can pose a serious risk to your house or building. Don't wait another minute to get the joist repair service you need.

Foundation Repair
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Why Do We Perform Home Foundation Repair?

Many times, the first sign of a failing foundation is uneven floors, doors that don’t close properly or bouncy floors. While water damage can cause some of these problems, they might be the result of poor craftsmanship when the home was constructed and could indicate that it’s time to seek a professional skilled in sagging floor joist repair.

Another major indicator of trouble is cracking. You may notice cracks developing in your drywall, plaster or brickwork. If your windows are showing signs of diagonal cracks or your exterior bricks show a stair-step pattern of cracking in the mortar, that’s another good reason to give us a call. This requires more than just a quick patch job — your foundation is in need of serious attention.

If you notice any of these issues around your house, they won’t go away on their own. If anything, they probably will get worse. Contact us as soon as you see these problems and receive expert foundation and framing service from our qualified and trained professionals.

What Should You Expect?

Although each framing repair job is unique, there are a few steps you should expect us to perform when we come to help you. First, we begin by removing any trash or debris around the area being repaired to allow our crew to work freely in the crawlspace. Floor joists and girder beams would be temporarily supported at this time to create a safe environment for repairs to be made.

Piers are then constructed on adequate concrete footings to provide proper support for any wood, steel, or LVL beams installed. Once all repairs are completed any temporarily support can be removed and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is secure, and you’ll avoid trouble for a long time to come.

How Can Foundation Doctor Help?

If you notice any problems, let the experts at Foundation Doctor examine your structure and assess the cause of your problem. We perform quality foundation repair in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for both residential and commercial clients, including floor joist replacement. Consultations are always free. Schedule your appointment today.