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Drainage issues are typically resolved by installing French drains along the foundation’s perimeter or along the inside of the foundation. As a leading French drain contractor, Foundation Doctor installs them around foundations or in crawl spaces to help eliminate excessive water and move it away from the foundation.

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How Do French Drains Work?

The purpose of installing French drains around foundations is to transport water to a safe distance from the house. They are sometimes called footing drains because they are installed around the footing of the home. It collects excess water and directs it into a trench filled with gravel. From there, it travels into perforated piping at the bottom of the trench. It then moves through the piping to either a sump pump or a lower area for proper drainage away from the home.

What Are the Varieties of French Drains?

There are two main types of French drains that are installed depending on the conditions around the property. One of these is an open-trench design that is used in areas where surface water moves quickly. Usually, gravel or stone is placed on top of the pipes to allow more runoff to enter them. This variety is most commonly utilized in areas where aesthetics are important, because the natural look of the stones creates a pleasing appearance.

The other type of these drains is buried a few inches underneath lawn areas. They are used most frequently to help keep grassy areas dry and prevent pooling and flooding. They work well in these situations because they provide effective drainage while preserving the look and functionality of the grass.

How Are French Drains Installed?

When you hire us to install a French drain around your foundation, we begin by inspecting it and noting any areas where water may collect. Based on our observations, we will recommend the optimal configuration to ensure it is drained effectively away from your home or business. We also design these systems to prevent them from becoming clogged with dirt, rocks or debris.

When it comes time to install them, we begin by digging the trench. Once this step is completed, it is time to lay the piping that will serve as the conduit for the runoff. If you choose an open-trench option, we then cover it with natural stone or gravel. If you prefer to leave your lawns looking unchanged, we will cover the pipes with soil and turf to keep it looking just as it did before we started working.

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