Concrete Lifting

If you have cracked, sinking sidewalks, concrete pool decking, patios or foundations, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be completely replaced. As a leading provider of concrete leveling in Charlotte, NC, Foundation Doctor has the expertise to repair large concrete slabs without tearing up your property.

The most common cause of sunken or settling concrete is the erosion or shrinkage of the soil underneath it. This can create cracks, an uneven appearance and sometimes hazardous conditions for pedestrians. Although your first instinct might be to wholly remove the concrete and start over, our concrete lifting services can restore it to its original condition in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost.

If your home or commercial facility has a surface that’s beginning to slope, crack or settle, it may be time to give us a call. Our experience as a leader in concrete floor leveling services means we know what it takes to deliver the best possible results for you.


The most frequently used techniques for raising a concrete slab are mudjacking or foam injection. These processes involve drilling holes through the slabs and then pumping a slurry of limestone grout or polyurethane foam through the openings. The mixtures then fill in the gaps underneath and raise the surface back to its original level. Once dry, the sidewalk or patio is stable and safe for normal usage. The holes, which are typically no larger than the size of a penny, are sealed and your property will look as good as new. The relatively noninvasive nature of this process makes foam injection concrete leveling a popular choice for homeowners.

Concrete Lifting

Although the procedure seems relatively simple, it actually requires years of experience and the right equipment to succeed. The application holes must be drilled in the proper locations to ensure that the fillers will be evenly distributed. This is why hiring professional floor levelers can make a tremendous difference for your home or commercial building. We use TerraThane polyurethane leveling foam. This ensures the best results for our polyurethane concrete raising service.

Our hands-on expertise regarding the latest tools and techniques means you have no need to worry. For instance, we can help you take advantage of advanced foam injection methods that can be done in one session as opposed to multiple stages with mudjacking. With our concrete foam lifting know-how, you can get back to enjoying your property in as little time as possible.


Foundation Doctor has been North and South Carolina’s primary source for foundation maintenance and restorations for years. We bring you the capabilities of a large company while also providing the same personalized attention as a small business. When you reach out to us, you can expect exceptional customer service every step of the way. We deliver competitive pricing, free estimates and prompt repairs, and we’re dedicated to communicating with you throughout the entire process.

No matter what type of concrete work you need, we have the skills to get it done right. To receive a free estimate for your project, contact us today.