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The Foundation Doctor team works with Charlotte-area homeowners, real estate agents, home inspectors, buyers and sellers to diagnose problems and provide the most effective house foundation repair. Our experience makes us the best resource for residential foundation repair in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Don't let a poor foundation damage your home. We're standing by to help with all your home foundation repair needs.

What Foundation Repair Services Do We Offer for Your Home?

Foundation Doctor offers a comprehensive range of prevention and home structural repair services. We primarily focus on helical pier installation and foundation framing and support — services that help stabilize and repair home foundations. Additional services include crawl space cleanouts, vapor barrier installation in crawl spaces, French drain installation and waterproofing; this work is intended to help prevent water or moisture from damaging your foundation.

When Should You Call Foundation Doctor?

Homeowners generally call us to be their residential foundation contractors of choice when they notice cracks in their bricks, chimneys, garage floors, sheetrock or the foundation itself; misaligned doors and windows; or changes in water usage or drainage patterns. Realtors, home inspectors and structural engineers recommend us to buyers and sellers when a problem is detected during your residential foundation inspection.