Cleanouts are A Breeze

Cleanouts are A Breeze

No matter the size of a project, Foundation Doctor will treat it with same attention and expertise. On this day, our crew efficiently cleaned out this crawl space in Matthews, N.C. A crawl space cleanout can be one of the most important maintenance tasks for the overall health of your property. That’s because crawl spaces can be breeding grounds for mold, mildew and termites. Most homeowners tend to overlook the care of them, allowing these unwanted guests to take up residence and cause all sorts of problems.

When it’s time to give this area of your home a good cleaning, it’s important to choose professionals who have the right tools and know-how. That’s because it takes more than soap and water to get the job done right. Our services are some of the most thorough in the industry and our expertise means we can remove the unhealthful elements from your crawl space, resulting in improved your air quality and energy efficiency.

Our Process

We start by removing any rotting wood, animal droppings, old insulation or anything else that may contribute to poor air quality. Next, we sanitize the entire area, ensuring that mold and fungi are eradicated and won’t come back. Finally, we go the extra mile with a full deodorization process to remove any lingering unpleasantness. The final result is a much cleaner crawl space and a more enjoyable indoor environment for you and your family.

A crawl space cleanout can go a long way toward making your house more livable, as long as you hire the right people to do the job. We pride ourselves on making the area under your home clean and clear of all issues so you can rest easy at night. Call Foundation Doctor today and we'll make sure your crawl space is in great condition.