Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor Barrier Installation

Controlling moisture levels in your crawl space is key to the maintenance of your entire home. Foundation Doctor can install a vapor barrier in your crawl space to help control its moisture level and protect your home from mold and water damage.

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Don't go another day without a moisture-controlled crawl space. Let Foundation Doctor install a vapor barrier to protect your home.

How Do Vapor Barriers Work?

Vapor barriers help keep moisture from entering the crawl space through the ground. Effective vapor barriers are continuous and maintain full coverage even when work is taking place in the crawl space. Foundation Doctor can install or replace a vapor barrier quickly and efficiently — increasing your peace of mind.

What Type of Vapor Barrier Is Installed in a Crawl Space?

The recommended thickness of a crawl space vapor barrier ranges from 6 mil to 20 mil, and the higher the number, the thicker the barrier. A 20 mil-thick polyethylene vapor barrier is ideal — it is durable, resists tears and punctures, and it is effective at keeping water out. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll discuss with you the best solution for your home.