Home Inspection Repairs

Home Inspection Repairs

Have a Scary Inspection Report? As a Licensed General Contractor, you can rest assured your repairs will be completed on time and to local building code requirements. We will address high moisture readings and fungal growth, structural framing issues, water intrusion, hanging or wet insulation, and much more.

Need Work Done After an Inspection?

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Don't waste another minute worrying about that inspection. Call Foundation Doctor today as let us help you put your mind at ease.

Why Do We Tackle Scary Inspection Reports?

Are you selling your house and the home inspection uncovered significant problems in your basement or crawl space? Those issues may look scary on a report, but once we start to dissect the real problems they are not as bad as they seem. Foundation Doctor has experience with the scariest inspection reports and can tackle any issue properly and quickly.

How Can Foundation Doctor Help?

Don’t let your real estate closing fall apart because a problem seems unfixable or too expensive. Many times the problem can be addressed quickly and for minimal cost. If you need a company to inspect and give you an honest and fair assessment of what it will take to fix your home properly give Foundation Doctor a call today.