Foundation Framing and Repair

Foundation Framing and Repair

Foundation Doctor addresses sagging floors, humps, crumbling masonry piers and more — in fact, we can diagnose and cure all the structural issues that may be present in your home. We install girder beams, band sills and floor joists on foundations throughout North Carolina.

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Foundation framing issues can pose a serious risk to your house or building. Don't wait another minute.

Why Do We Perform Foundation Framing and Repair?

Many times, the first sign of a failing foundation is uneven floors, doors that don’t close properly or bouncy floors. While water damage can cause some of these problems, they might be the result of poor craftsmanship when the home was constructed.

How Can Foundation Doctor Help?

If you notice these problems, let the experts at Foundation Doctor examine your structure and assess the cause of your problem. We perform quality foundation repair in the Charlotte, NC area for both residential and commercial clients. Consultations are always free. Schedule your appointment today.